Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pitsburgh Vikings

If you were one of the millions of people that watched every single minute 
of the NFL Draft, the seventh round was likely a highlight for you. 

As many of you Yinzers know, Valley grad Toney Clemons was selected 
by the Steelers. 

Toney graduated from Valley back in 2006. 

He went to Michigan, then headed out West to play in the Pac12 for 

His Colorado days being much more productive. 

He wasn't high on many draft boards coming into draft season, but he turned 
some heads at his pro-day, and it paid off. 

He will fight for a roster spot this summer in Latrobe, behind a talented group 
of wideouts. 

We are happy and proud of Toney. 

And wish him the best of luck. 

Go Vikes! 

Writing this story reminded us of the 80's, when Billy Callahan got drafted 
by the Steelers. 

When he still played for Pitt, we young Newkers spent a day at the Panther's 
summer workouts, and hung out with Billy and Coach Foge Fazio. 

We still love coach Fazio's first name. 

We then got to talk to Billy at Steelers training camp at St. Vincent's. 

That was big-time in our eyes. 

Still is, actually. 


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