Thursday, May 31, 2012

Keepin An Eye Out

New Ken and Arnold have teamed up on all kinds of stuff 
over the many years they've shared together. 

And the new crime watch group may be one of the best 
partnerships yet. 

See, each city has its own crime block watches. 

But this group plans on linking them all together, to form a better 
network of crime-stoppers. 

Crime-Stoppers may not be the best name for them. 

Which is likely why they didn't choose that one. 

That was all us. 

Anyways, the group plans on sharing information, which in turn should 
make a huge difference. 

Each block group will select a leader, and the leaders will meet a few times a year. 

They will also turn in anonymous tips to the police. 

So think twice before doing any shady stuff in our fair towns. 

Because we have eyes everywhere. 



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