Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mine Is Bigger Than Yours

The new Sheetz in Lower Burrell has been open for a few weeks now. 

And that place is busier than the condom machine at a rehab clinic. 

Seriously, we've stood in line there, more than J-Dub (with a pocket full
of quarters) has for some Magnums. 

People are in there buying everything.

Sunflower Seeds

Hell, add Cheetos to that, and it's our shopping list.

In the latest Sheetz news, New Ken is getting a new one.

That's right, the historic landmark at the corner of Constitution and Seventh
will be no longer likely by next year.

The former Costa car dealership by the House of 1000 Beers (one of our favorite pit stops)
will be the new location.

And the store being built will be bigger than the new LBC store.

Take that, Baby Blue!

We are planning a walk down the Newk Sheetz Memory Lane, and we need
your help.

Please send us any interesting tidbits via email.


If you are lucky, we will post it at some point down the line.

And even if we don't post it, we will likely read it and talk amongst ourselves
about you.

Which is almost as cool. 



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