Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Storms Wuz Crazy

It's been so long since our last email from Frank the Stank, that 
we actually started to worry if he were alive or not. 

He usually contacts us pretty regularly. 

We don't post every email. 

Although some of you wish we did. 

He seems to have quite the fan base. 

Anyways, here is what Frank had to say... 

What up newk dudes. i aint had the internets in a while cuz my moms lost her part time gig at the gas station. i cant even remimber what alls i had to talk about since the last time. but how about the rain today. them storms wuz crazy. the window in our appartment was ratteling like a sumbeetch. i thought our pink flamingo out front was gunna go flyin down the street. then i remimbered those kinda birds cant fly so i stopped sweating it. moms was  out on the porch tryin to light her misty light 100 and was gettin heated cuz the flame kept going out. haha. i was cracking up watching her. oh yeah. have yall seem game o thrones on the hbo. my nieghbour be letting me watch wit him if i bring a twelver of keystone ice. its mad werth it cause they be showing crazy amounts of nipple on that show. 

keepin it real
frank the stank

 We agree with Frank on a few points in his email. 

1. The weather was mad crazy. 
2. Not being able to properly ignite your Misty Light 100 is flat out hilarious. 
3. Boobs are well worth a few cans of cheap brew. 

For those of you out there that aren't fans of Frank. 

And you know who you are. 

Please consider the wisdom and insight within his emails. 

You never know where you may learn your next lesson in life. 


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