Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Challenger Appears

If you've ever actually read this site, you would know the many reasons 
we attend New Ken Community Days. 

The biggest one is to support and say thank you to our local 
Firemen and women that put this great event on for everyone. 

Well done, all of you on another great year! 

Our second biggest reason is the food. 

In particular, funnel cakes. 

Damn, we love some funnel cakes. 

But something happened this year as we browsed the menu at the 
ticket counter. 

We remembered something a great man once said. 

We believe it was Hugh Hefner, but we could be wrong... 

"Variety is the spice of life." 

He also said little gems like... 

"I love boobies." 
"You two get on the bed and do stuff." 

But it was the variety one that we thought of at this particular moment in time. 

 So we stepped out of our comfort zone, and threw caution to the wind. 

Here is what we went with...

That's right, folks. 

A Belgian Waffle w/ice cream, whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate syrup. 

And of course, our yearly allowance of lil' hugs. 

And we were not disappointed. 

For the low low price of 10 tickets ($5), we scored this little gem of a meal. 

It was perfectly balanced, with all of the terrible things we love. 

If the waffle cart is there next year, you'll know where to find us. 

What was your favorite highlight? 


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