Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Joining Forces... Or Not

The combining of the the New Kensington, Arnold, Lower Burrell and 
Upper Burrell police departments makes sense on many levels. 

So why are they still seperate? 

Is it because they strictly stay in their own areas, and never stray? 

No, they back each other up on many occasions, and work together on 
drug and drunken driving task forces. 

Is it because it would cost the residents of each town extra money? 

No, as it would likely save tax payers loads of cash in the long run. 

Is it because combining forces is not allowed by the state? 

Nope, because 35 consolidated forces already exist in Pa. 

Is it because some communities try to distance themselves from neighboring 


At least that's what it looks like to us. 

Look, we don't really know much about anything. 

We haven't personally discussed this with anyone involved. 

But we are rather good at reading between the lines. 

And we think this is exactly what's happening around here. 

Hell, we share the same zip code, why are Upper Burrell and Lower Burrell 
so against this idea? 

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure this riddle out. 

And if you are from this area, you know how many Burrell residents 
view New Ken/Arnold. 

And in our opinion, the politicians of the cities against this merger, likely fear 
the backlash of trying to unite them with us

It's rather petty and childish, if you ask us. 
And no one has. 

Hopefully, a study will be done, and people with think with their heads, and not 
their hearts. 

We have no reason to believe things will change. 

But we can hope. 


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