Thursday, June 7, 2012

No Home For You

A few times this year, council has turned down offers to purchase 
run down homes in our area. 

They decided that tearing down the homes was the best decision for the 
city, and the neighbors on those streets.

We've told you about this before. 

Not that long ago actually. 

You may be asking yourself... 

"Hey handsome, is it difficult to maintain your street-cred, now that your 
local blog site has shot you on a starship to fame?"


That is what we were asking ourselves.


You may be saying... 

"Why are they writing about the same basic story that you wrote about 
not that long ago?" 

Because, we see this as a huge step in the future of this city. 

We aren't just jumping at any chance to get a few bucks for a property 
that is beyond repair. 

We are NOT a sleazy used-car lot type of town. 

People in charge are doing what is right for the city. 

And we appreciate that. 

We'll remember, come election time. 

Will you? 


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