Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Run For The Mills

We recently spent a few hours shopping  up at Pittsburgh Mills. 

We guess you can call it "shopping." 

It felt more like walking and and saying "what store used to be there?" 

We were really bummed out by this. 

Only 7 years ago, there was so much buzz around here regarding the Mills. 

It really is a pretty epic mall. 

Why is it that many stores have closed their gate for good? 

Sure, there are still some decent stores up there. 

Especially in the food court area. 

Where most store fronts are alive and well. 

Well, maybe not so well

But there are wings that are like a modern day ghost town. 

Instead of tumbleweeds, there are... 

Bowling pins from Lucky Strike Lanes 
Sheet sets from Linens N' Things 
Costume jewelery from NY&Co. 
Irish flags from the Flag World
Bounced rent checks signed by Chef Steff

The consensus around here is they made it too big. 

Or maybe they should have had Best Buy, Ross and Michael's 
move into the Galleria instead of the surrounding buildings?

Oh yeah, what ever happened to the water park plans? 


Seeds of Doom said...

It's quite obvious to me what killed the Mills: Wal-Mart. Why pay specialty store prices, in spite of the 'ambiance' the mall offers, when you can save some pretty serious cash by shopping 'on the cheap'??!! Only on a rare occasion can you not find what you're looking for at 'Wally World.' Sad but true. Eliminate the weed and the garden will once again flourish. You just can't have it both ways.

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