Thursday, June 21, 2012

Community Days Week (Thursday)

Tomorrow, the gates will open on the 21st New Ken Community Days. 

Everyone we talk to, has their favorite part about NKCD. 

Many folks like the music. 
Many folks like the crafts. 
Many folks like seeing old friends. 
And some folks even like the fake Gucci bags the best. 

But we here at the Newk make our yearly journey to Memorial Park for 
one reason, and one reason alone. 

Yep, you know us too well... 

Funnel Cakes and Lil' Hugs. 

We don't care how many tickets it costs. 

We are slaying a few cakes, and whatever hugs we can buy with the extras. 

Speaking of the ticket deal. 

We aren't really fans of the ticket situation. 

But we understand it. 

Things need to be kept track of. 

If we didn't have anything to complain about, we likely wouldn't have a site. 


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