Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Beer Farts And Bullets

So today is Tuesday, November 10th.

It is a day with many unique qualities.

It is the day after a huge Steeler victory on Monday Night Football.(So we understand if you are a bit hungover.)

It is the day that Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released
for all major video game systems.(So we understand if we don't have your full attention.)

And, if you are anything like us...

You are sitting at home in your underwear, nursing a beer headache,
dodging electronic bullets, all while eating a Raspberry Poptart.


Yeah, we thought so.

But more importantly than those things, today is the day before
Veterans Day.

And we wanted to make sure you were aware of tomorrow's parade.

New Kensington-Arnold Veterans Parade

Date: Wednesday, November 11th 2009
Starts: 9:30 am at Roosevelt Park in Arnold
Route: Follows 5th Ave toward New Ken
Ends: Gold Star Mother's Monument
(Across from People's Library)

From our experience with this parade in the past, they don't seem to
get the largest turnout.

We would like to help change that.

So we kindly ask you to put the game controller down for a
few minutes, and go support the men and women that fought
for our freedom.

It's the least we can do.

Side note:
If you are going, be sure to let us know where you'll be standing.
Maybe we'll swing on by and say hello.

And to all of you veterans reading this...

We would like to thank you, and your family, for your many sacrifices.

Your life was in many ways like this video game we are playing.
But much more real and terrifying.
(And without a reset button)



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