Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Elections and Our Phone

Since when is it okay for candidates to have automated services
call our house and bother us while we are having se... I mean, relaxing.


They are even calling during the weekend.

They are also banging on our door, and making our dog bark like crazy.

We've had enough.

C'mon now.

We've had more junk mail, and phone calls, and door knocking than
when there was a presidential race.

Sure it matters to us who is on the school board, and who becomes
a judge.

(Especially if Smails is running.)

But this is getting a little crazy.

Everywhere we look, we see those annoying roadside mini-billboards
with all the names just blurring into each other.

And we'll be honest with you.

We will not back any candidates (and don't think we haven't been asked), until
one of us decides to run for office.

We promise.

And you never know when that might happen.

We'd love to be a public servant.
(And actually get paid for it.)

Now you got us thinking.


What are we qualified to do?

City blogger?

Yeah, write us in for that.

See you at the polls.


Oh yeah, happy birthday, S.


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