Friday, November 6, 2009

First Kisses and Sticky Floors

Another one bites the dust.

That's right kids, the Cheswick Theatre is officially closed.

There are many reasons for the closure.

- Lack of customers.
- Movie company taking 55 percent of the gross.
- Popcorn Flu
- Etc.

We will only have good memories this place.

How many of you reading this went on a date there?
How many of you put your arm around someone in those seats?
Maybe you got kissed for the first time?
Maybe you saw your favorite movie there for the first time?
It's possible you tried the old "hole in the popcorn bucket" trick?

Even if you never did those things.

We surely haven't.
(Hi, honey.)

But we vividly recall the excitement when the previews started to
flicker across that screen.

The sound pumped through your body like a freight train.

The Sno-caps and Sour Patch Kids made sweet love in your mouth.

We remember asking for extra butter.
We remember plans on keeping our ticket stubs forever.
We remember standing along Pittsburgh St., waiting for our ride.
We remember always wanting a movie poster, or a cardboard cutout.

There are so many good memories of that place throughout this area.

It really is a bummer that they had to close.

But I guess we are partly to blame.

I know that it's been years, since a few of us set foot
in that building.

Here is a picture we took a few months back, as we drove by...

It looks as though if you want to take in a flick on the big screen,
you are going to have to head up to the Pittsburgh Mills, and choose
one of their 18 screens to watch.

Or you can help the little guy, and head to the Oaks Theater in Oakmont.

Maybe you'll just stay home and watch a Blu-Ray on your gigantic
wall mounted television.

Maybe you get all the entertainment you need by reading
(If so, email us, so we can take you out and show you the world.)


We're bummed now.

Gonna go drown our sorrows in a bagel dog from the Schwan's guy.

Have a good weekend everyone.
Good luck to all our NEWK area playoff football teams.


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