Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's That Time Of Year

We recently made our annual "Let's go buy a crap load
of Christmas lights" trip.

This year, we figured we'd hit up the Target in Harmar.

We've heard good things about their selection.

And there's a Burger King nearby.

You know how we get when we don't get our weekly
BK Original Chicken Sandwich w/tomato.

As soon as you walk into Target, you get the sweet smell of
Starbucks coffee brewing to perfection.

Too bad we hate spending $7 of our Christmas light allowance
on java.

We found the holiday section in the far back corner of the store.

The first things we saw, were the fake trees...
They looked topnotch, but we aren't in need of a tree.

The side wall had the inflatables and such.

The lawn ornaments were lit up like Rappin' Rob.
We aren't big fans of the yard animals, so we didn't
waste much time in that section.

Not sure why we took this picture. But we took it, and damn if we're not showing it to you.


Moving along...

We turned the final corner, and there it was.
The light aisle.

It was glorious.

LED lights.
Big lights.
Teeny lights.
Blinky lights.
Lights that played music.
Icicle lights.
Bud lights.
String lights.

It was light heaven.
We threw boxes into our cart with reckless abandon.

Timers? Yes.
Extension cords? Damn right.
Staple gun staples? You got it.

Our cart overflowed with lighted delights.

We left just enough room to fit one other item in there...

It was the last one.

(Jealousy is an awful color on you.)

We would post pictures of our home all lit up in
holiday glory.

But we have enough stalkers.


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