Friday, November 20, 2009

The NEWK Comes Marching In

A few months back, we marched in the Lower Burrell
50th anniversary parade.

If you didn't read about it,
just click HERE.

Why are we bringing this up today?

Because we will again be marching in a parade.

That's right, people. will be in the New Kensington
Christmas Parade.

The parade date and time is:
Saturday, Dec. 5th @ 11am

It works it's way up Fifth ave., then swings back
down Fourth ave.

We will surely remind you a few times before that day.

But we wanted to mention it today, because we are again
inviting our readers to join us as we walk.

We had a nice turnout for the last parade, and would love to
have even more for this one.

Seriously, if you have any interest at all in joining us, please
send us an email so we can fill you in on the little details.

It is a kid friendly parade, so we'd love the whole family
to come out with us.

We also have a surprise guest joining us.
Oh snap.

Just a little teaser.


Here's the weekend outlook from our new weather man.
"It's gonna be brisk."

It seems Nic Cage is having cash issues, so he accepted
our modest offer to become theNEWK's weather guy.


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