Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We Are Thankful For You

We've spent the last day or so, pondering what
we are thankful for here at

There are many things that we thought of.

But none of those things could even come
close to you, the person reading this.


If it weren't for you, we would have no reason
to continue on with this.

Maybe we would post every once in a while.

Mostly about farts and beer.
(But not "beer farts." That's just disgusting.)

As much fun as we have doing this thing, the most
satisfying part is the responses we get from you all.

A comment after a post.
Clicking the "like" button on facebook.
Waving when you see us at an event.
Sending us even the simplest of emails.

Those things are what keep us going.

That, and chicken wings.

So, because tomorrow is Thanksgiving, we probably
will post something simple and lackluster.

As most of you will be so filled up with turkey dinner,
that you will forget to click on our site.

We understand.

So we wanted to use today, to say thanks.


We love you all, and hope you have a wonderful
holiday, with family and friends.

Oh yeah, speaking of emails.

Here is a great one we got at the end of last week.


I suppose now would be too late to tell you that Home Depot has some
sort of sale where you can trade-in old light strings for a credit on
new LED light strings. I don't know much about it--I heard about it
from a friend and didn't investigate further, since our home doesn't
lend itself to easy outdoor lighting.

Also, thanks for posting the awesome email on neighborhoods the other
day. We live in Parnassus. While things are generally good and
well-kept, there feeling on a block can easily go up or down depending
on what just one resident does. Our place is in need of a few things
right now (almost-120-year-old porches and retaining walls last a long
time, but not forever), but we've been working slowly on making things
nicer. We see the changes rolling up and down the block, too.
Someone else does something to fix a problem, and soon the whole
neighborhood is out working on various things. It's a good thing.

Also also, thanks for the post on the Veteran's Day parade. I was
driving NKFD Company #1's squad for both New Kensington and Lower
Burrell. I saw you on the corner and was excited to see the video and
photos online shortly thereafter.

Thanks for documenting the good, the bad, and the ugly. Lots of us
appreciate it.


I am sitting here with a smile on my face.

Bring on the bird!


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