Monday, November 16, 2009

Wingapalooza 2009 (Stop #4)

It's Monday.

And we didn't post a random picture.

Why not?

Because Wingapalooza is back, baby!

It's been a while since our last wing adventure.

Valentine's Restaurant and Lounge in Springdale,
was worth the wait.

David Cooper fell in love with the place, as soon as he
noticed they had Guinness Stout on tap.

He ordered up a pint, and waited for my timely arrival.
(I sometimes show up places purposely late, as to make
myself seem more important than I actually am.)

I parked around back, and made my way to the bar area, where I
met up with DC and two other wing experts...Dave and Mark.

With frosty beverages in hand, we marched into the
(non-smoking/kid friendly) dining area.

Russ, the owner, stopped by and said hello to us.

He happily answered a few of our questions, and made
a couple quality food recommendations.

First up, the star of the show...
The Seasoned Breaded Wings w/ Valentine's House Sauce

These full wings are lightly breaded, and seasoned to perfection.

Just enough crunch, and just enough juice.
(Cooked wonderfully by Jake. Well done, sir.)

The Valentine's sauce is something to behold.
The flavor of the wing when dipped into this pink nectar,
is heaven in Springdale.

When all is said and done.
If you order only one thing, these wings should be it.

You can also drench them in either ranch, or a spicy hot sauce.
If you so choose.

And if you live on the edge, Valentine's offers hot wings.

I, am afraid of hot stuff.
(Honestly, I consider myself "hot stuff," so I avoid things that
try to steal my thunder.)

But the others in our party aren't afraid of a little heat.
These bad boys stopped one wingman in his tracks.

I won't embarrass him, by naming him on the internet.
But, I will say his name rhymes with "rave."

Here is an actual quote from the review email he sent me:

"Hot Wings: Too hot for me. I'm a sissy."

I assume he thinks we didn't notice his lips turn red,
and his hands grasping for his drink.

They also offer a Buffalo style wing which we tried as well.
Very tasty, with a little less heat than these.

We suggest sampling them all, and find one that's
right for you.

A great night to do that is Monday (tonight).
Which is wing night at Valentine's.

You can try all varieties for only 75 cents a wing.
They also have Yuengling specials going as well, if you
need something to help wash them down.

If you've been following Wingapalooza, you know that we
like to try other goodies these place have to offer.

One thing was a must...the hand-tossed pizza, made with
Fazio's pizza dough.

We actually got a sneak peak at Russ working his magic in the kitchen.
Check out the airtime he's getting there.
That's levitation, Holmes.

When this round delight made it's way from the oven to
our table, we could hardly resist diving in before David
snapped even one picture. (Luckily, David does great things, even when he's rushed.)

Nom nom nom.

That pie was tasty.

Get one.

We finished up eating, and headed out to the bar for a few
more beers.
(We are firm believers that beer helps the digestion process.)

We started admiring all the of the cool metal workings that lined the
walls of Valentine's, and learned that a local metal shop made them.

So we'd like to give some propers to
Metal Shop Designs, in Springdale.

Serioulsy, check out this mirror that's by the bar.

So there you have it, kids.
Stop #4 was a good one.

If you ever find yourself near Springdale, in need of
a drink or some food. Here is the info:

Valentine's Restaurant and Lounge
1101 Pittsburgh St.
Springdale, Pa. 15144
Open Monday - Saturday 3:30 pm to 2:00 am

Specials and Events:

-Wing Night Mondays-
75 cent wings and Yuengling specials

-Karaoke Thursdays-
Corona bottles $2.00

Special Thanks:

Dave and Mark - it was nice sharing a table with you both.
David Cooper - Amazing work, as always.
Jake the wing cook - Awesome job.
The bartender (name unknown) - Great service!
Russ - Great place, good food, nice form.


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