Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can We Borrow A Cup Of Sugar, And A Bridge?

Here is an item that you probably won't find
on craigslist too often.

A pedestrian bridge.

And lucky for Lower Burrell, New Ken didn't list
it for sale online, cause we here at the Newk
would have snapped that sucker up for sure.
Why would we need a pedestrian bridge?

Because we have a river of bills and fan mail that
we need to cross on a daily basis, to get to our
keurig coffee machine each morning.

We aren't bringing up our bills because we want you
to donate money and get a sweet I <3 Biff shirt
(as seen to the right of your screen).

We are just saying we want a friggin' bridge.
Cause some day MTV Cribs is gonna come to our office,
and how baller would that be if there
were just a bridge chilling in there?

Back to the story...

New Ken had a bridge sitting around, because some big
grant fell through and the project couldn't be completed.

Lower Burrell lost a bridge at Wolf Pack Park back in 2004,
due to the Hurricane Ivan floods.

We had a bridge, they needed one.
Seems simple enough.

That's what neighbors do for each other.

Well, we'd like to think that the LBC would do
the same for us, but we doubt a situation identical
to this one would ever arise.

Lower Burrell is thinking of putting in a dog park
at Burrell Lake Park, and also considering a dek hockey
court, or a skate park at the park by their municipal

Big plans afoot, in the LBC.

Due to the title of this entry, we wanted to show our
two favorite sweet things...




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