Friday, May 7, 2010

Let's Smooth Things Over

As we drove home to watch the Penguins game, with
our delicious clucker chicken salad from Stella's, we
noticed a difference in our ride down Constitution.

It didn't feel like the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Did we finally have proper tire pressure?
Were we riding on a cloud?
Were our seats made out of Charmin?
Were we riding on a cloud with Charmin seats?


None of those things could ever happen.
(Especially the tire pressure. Inflatables freak us out.)

Now, if you all remember a while back, we wrote a
little piece about paving half of Constitution, and how
ridiculous it sounded.

But after our smooth sailing tonight, we take it all back.

The half-pave job is working for us.


Maybe we should wait until we cruise down the unpaved
side tomorrow morning on our way to work.

Then we will retract our previous ridicules.

Until then, here are some pictures we snapped...


Here is your Newk Weekend Weather Report

"It's gonna be a typical Newk weekend."


Larissa Y. said...

Jackpot! $1M Powerball ticket sold in New Kensington! At Stella's no less! :)

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