Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We Love The Sweet Stuff

We got an email a few days ago that got us all
excited and stuff.

We get lots of great emails, but we get too few
with the subject matter that this one had.

And instead of teasing you, we are just going to tell
you about it.

We are calling this:
No Nonsense Tuesday

There is going to be a bake sale.

That's right, we said it...a BAKE SALE!!!

OMG, we luva bake sale.

Nom nom nom...

And what makes it even better, is all the proceeds go
toward ending childhood hunger in America.

Can you think of a better reason to break a diet?

So here are the details, and a link to even more details.

June 5th
@ the New Ken Eagles (Back Lot)

Go there and read, cause they need volunteers and
prizes and all kinds of other stuff you people
can probably help with.

Is that not the sexiest picture you have ever seen?


an itch to write said...

Thanks a million!!!

Chelsea Bakes! and Friends

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