Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Plum Sinks

Reports came out yesterday that there is a
sinkhole in Plum.

Right at Monroeville Trestle Road/Center Road.

That's near the entrance to Boyce Park.

You know, the "back way" to Monroeville Mall.

From the pictures we've seen, it's a pretty big

First off, the word 'sinkhole' is hilarious.

We also think the work 'Sinkhole' would make a
great rock band name.
We weren't sure how they planned on fixing a
sinkhole, but our best thought was they would
fill it with rocks and gravel and stuff.

Turns out, that's exactly what they do.

We might be the smartest people we know.

The road is closed, and a detour has been set up for
the 15,000 cars that use that road daily.


Now, we should tell you something about us...

Sinkholes, and the idea of sinkholes, terrify the
bejesus out of us.

The fact that one happened in Plum, makes us
nervous, and gives us a bad case of the bubble-guts.

It would be wise if you stayed about 15 feet away from
us, for the next few anxiety filled days.


Lucy said...

Even when yinz guys have absolutely nothing of value to say, it's still funny.....I'm just sayin'
Love the NewK!

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