Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Stuff

First off, Tuesday's picture game was figured out
by Brian on our facebook page.

The answer was the mosaic tile on the Citizen's Bank
building downtown New Ken.


Also, we've received a few emails about sponsoring
teams for different events.

We would love to do that type of stuff.

But we are broke.

We don't make money here.

If you can figure out a way for us to make money here,
please email us.

Cause the I heart Biff shirts aren't flying out the door.


Speaking of emails, here is another one from superfan
Frank the Stank...

Hey dudes It's Frank the Stank. I didnt realize how many people
read your site. Because I can't even go into the freeport road sunoco
without being asked for an autograph. I was thinking about getting
some sweet ass headshots taken of me. Can you get me Daivd Cooper's
number? I might even book an appearance at a car show at
the Brusters in burrell. NICE!

Frank the Stank

Well, Mr. the Stank...

We assume you are talking about David Cooper for your
photography needs. If so, you can check his stuff and contact
him at

As always, thanks for the email.


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