Friday, May 14, 2010

Is Brackenridge Still With Us?

According to Lee Hendricks, a microburst hit the
quaint town of Brackenridge Wednesday night.

You are probably asking yourself, "Who the heckfire
is Lee Hendricks?"

Let it go.

He's not that interesting.

You may also be asking yourself, "What the heckfire
is a microburst?"

That's easy.

It's a collapsing thunderstorm.


You may also be asking yourself, "What the heckfire
is a heckfire?"

Go watch Groundhog Day, and pay close attention
to Ned Ryerson.

Oh, so back to the storm.

It blew over some big ass trees.

Nobody was hurt.

But a Jeep something or other was crushed.

Another tree fell on a house in the Heights.
As well as another on a home in West Deer.

So, are you surprised we haven't turned the word
'microburst' into a constant flow of fart jokes?

Because that is what we intended this post to be.

Because we love farts, and fart jokes.

They are hilarious.

Unless they come out of our friend Touly.
Nothing is funny about those.

Speaking of weather...

Here is your Newk weekend weather report:

"After today, it's party weather. Enjoy."


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