Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Damn You Germs

That's it.

We're closing our email address.

Not because we don't like getting emails from you all.

Because we do.

We love it actually.

It's because we are all sick.

The reason we are all sick must be because of an
email virus.

It's the only explanation.

Because we never leave theNewk offices.
(Other than to go drinking on Thursday nights,
but alcohol
kills germs, so that can't be it.)

So we are blaming email.

One of you must have sneezed on your screen while writing us.

Cause we got it, and we got it bad.

Damn you all.

We are going to mix up a granny inspired hot toddy, and get
some much needed rest.

Don't worry...

If something important happens around here, like flooding
or something, we will be sure to tell you about it.

Someone bring us some soup.


Anonymous said...

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