Friday, March 4, 2011

That's A Huge Hole

Now that we've got your attention with that headline.

Not only is it Girl Scout Cookie Season, which we so
lovingly talked about yesterday.


It's also Fill In Those Damn Potholes Season as well.

And we saw a lovely sight as we ventured out yesterday
(for the first time this week).

An empty truck that looks as though it housed asphalt,
used to fill in those blimey p-holes.

And as we drove around the Newk on that sunny afternoon, we
did notice a bit of a smoother ride.

These are things we like to see.

As we aren't the type to bitch and moan about many things.

Other than that traffic light at 9th and Fifth.

So before we even complained about potholes, the street
department was already out and on top of the situation.

Once again, we see our tax dollars being used in our best interest.

Well done, New Kensington.

Well done.


Lucy said...

I will pass that onto the Mayor.....still working on the traffic light at 5th and 9th for ya. Can't make any promises on that one tho.

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