Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting Ready For Tomorrow

Seeing that we've got a bit of Irish blood among us
here at theNewk, St. Patrick's Day is one of our
favorite days of the year.


A day in which drinking to excess and listening to great
music is looked upon as not only okay, it's actually encouraged.

The one thing we need to decide each year, is where are we
going to sport our "You must be Irish, cause my penis is Dublin."

Yeah, we really have one.

This year's decision is turning out to be an easy one.

As one of our most favored watering holes is having their
annual St. Paddy's Day Party.

Yep, The Blind Pig Saloon will be featuring green beers and
Guinness specials.

With live music by Barbary Wine.

It's sure to be a great evening at the pig.

Time: Thursday, March 17 · 7:30pm - 10:30pm

Blind Pig Saloon 1100 7th Street Ext.

So gather up your green gear, and head on out tomorrow
night for what's sure to be a great time.

Maybe we'll buy you a shot of Jameson?

(But that's not likely.)

Make sure you tip the bartenders.


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