Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Too Kind

Yesterday we told you about the sickness that has
gripped theNewk team.

Although our request for soup went unfulfilled, there
was a large showing of concern vie email.

(The source we suspect led to our illness.)

Within the numerous emails, there was one in particular
that stood out above the others.

Please note, we appreciate all of the well wishes.

It's just we thought this one was the best, and most sincere.

Hey newk
I just seen that you all was sick and stuff and that made me sad. i hate being sick yo. its the werst. What kind a sick are you. is it the kind that got your head feelin like a baloon filled with wet sand. Or is it the kind that makes you sit on the toilet a whole bunch until it hurts to whipe? What ever it is i hope you feel way better like really soon. Id hate to not have somewheres to get my daily news. Eat the vitaminC. My moms said that helps.

feel better
frank the stank md.
Thank you Dr. The Stank, for the care and support you
extended our way.

It's nice to know we are in your thoughts.

And we're not trying to say that your mother is wrong, but
it's been proven that the use/overuse of vitamin C does not
help in battling a head cold.

Or any ailment for that matter.

But if taking it makes you feel better, we suggest you
continue using it.

We're gonna go pound some clear liquids, and try not to
cough on each other.


Charlie Sheen has nothing to do with the Newk, or
our sickness.

But he's everywhere else, so this is our way of staying on top
of current events.


Seeds of Doom said...

Oh, no, I hope you don't have a case of the "Crazy Charlies"!! You couldn't keep up with the talk show circuit!!! GET WELL!! And if you can't, then, oh, well, GET OVER IT!!!

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