Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Puff Puff Moose

Why is it, that when we talk about Leechburg, it's
generally drug related?

Maybe there isn't much else going on down there?

Whatever the reason, another Cheechburg doper
has made the news.

This time, the youth awareness chairman for the Leechburg
Loyal Order of Moose was busted smoking weed with a
group of high school children on their way back from a
Moose sponsored field trip.

The man accused of doing this had his lawyer denying the
charges as of yesterday.

And we are not here to sway you one way or the other.

But here is what we've heard.

7 students all age 17 went on an overnight trip with the
aforementioned gentleman and his girlfriend.

Their ages are 31 and 33.

The children participated in a program, that made them eligible
for a college scholarship.

The program trains high school students to educate preschool
and elementary school children on a variety of topics, such
as drug and alcohol abuse prevention, child abuse,
"stranger danger," bullying and peer pressure.

On the way home on I-80, is when police say the
dope-smoking occurred.

The guy is charged with recklessly endangering children, and
corruption of minors.

This story is crazy.

Now listen, we aren't model citizens here, and we understand
that situations can get out of control.

But, to allow children to smoke weed at any time, especially
on a school oriented trip is just ridiculous.

Smarten up, people.


Seeds of Doom said...

Someone needs to take that moose by the antlers and, like my mama used to say, "shake some sense into him, because you surely can't shake any out!" How D.A.R.E. (pun intended) he??!!

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