Thursday, March 24, 2011

We're Viral

No, we don't have some crazy disease.

Viral is an internet term that means we're awesome.

Actually, this is really what it means...

Viral, when used as a computer term, refers to a
reoccurring practice or pattern of Internet use that moves
from person to person.

Okay, enough nerd speak.

Seriously though, we are quite popular these days.

And there are plenty of ways to stay in touch with every single
word that flows from our masculine, yet gentle, hands.

#1: The Website

This one is rather self explanatory.

You are here already.

So just remember how you got here.

#2: Our Facebook Page
This is where we post daily about the daily stuff we post here.

That last sentence blew your mind, didn't it?

Here is the link

Become a fan, or "like" it.
(Whatever the hell they call it these days.)

#3: Our Twitter Page
That's right, we Twitter.

We didn't do much with it before, but look out, cause we
are about to twitter your faces off.

Here's the link.

Follow us, and instantly become 43% cooler.

#4: Our Youtube Channel
This is where you can watch our videos.

Not like our home videos of us partying and stuff.

It's the videos we've made about this area.

Here's the link.

Subscribe to our channel, and get updates when we upload stuff.


There is an event we'd like to tell you about.

Spring is here, and your house needs to smell better.

Why not buy some yummy smelling candles?

Go here!

PartyLite Open House
Saturday, March 26
12pm to 4pm
New Kensington Eagles

Huge PartyLite Display
Cash n' Carry
Raffles and Prizes
Sample Two Sisters Gourmet


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