Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Happened To Pizza Fest?

Every now and again, an email stands out over the others.

This is one of those emails.

Actually, it's a masterwork.

This person rules.

Hey Guys-

Just wanted to tell you that I love your site, I've been reading just about daily for over a year now. You probably won't tell me, BUT who are you??? I think I might know at least one of you, I'm pretty sure we graduated the same year at Valley... Did you know Ms. Dunn NO longer teaches swim? How upsetting is that? Last I heard, she actually was the health teacher and she rides around in one of those old person scooters. Remember her obsession with Mickey Mouse? Anyways, like I was saying, I totally know one of you. Those Biff shirts are awesome, if you are who I think you are, you should totally hook me up with one, a small should fit.

OK- so I'm e-mailing you for a specific reason. I remember reading about starting Pizza Fest. I don't, however, remember reading about any actual pizza eating? What is up with that NEWK? I have a whole list of pizza places you can go try out. Hell, I'd even go with you. Actually, what do you say? Need another belly to fill on your dime?

Well regardless, I wanted to tell you about a trip I recently took to Eazers. I even took pictures for you! (I'm totally not trying to get on your website, although a first time shout out would be friggin awesome) Back to my breakfast. It really was like the best breakfast ever, I hadn't been to Eazers in YEARS, for whatever reason I kept choosing Kings and Dennys and Eat-n-Parks for quick and local meals... GAG, RIGHT?

So anyways- I may or may not have still been drunk... so when I opened the menu to find a 20oz glass of Kool-aid for $1.50 I almost pee'd my pants... I regret not ordering it, I should have at least asked what flavor they had stirred up that day, but I didn't and I must live with that choice. I opted for a chocolate milkshake and that, my friends, was NOT something I regret. It was effing delicious. After about an hour we finally decided what we wanted to eat.. and it was... Chocolate Chip Pancakes, over easy eggs bacon and , hands down, the best Syrian bread in the world. OH and also some sort of breakfast scramble that came with potatoes and eggs and peppers and probably sausage too, Like I said I may or may not have still been drunk so I don't recall the name, or the actual ingredients, All I know is, it came with more of that wonderful bread and it was the bomb. OH, and it contained two slices of land o lakes yellow american cheese melted on top. It was the best breakfast I've had in a while.

At one point while enjoying this feast, I seen a couple of dark eyes peering over the partition.... these weren't the eyes of an innocent, curious child either. It was a little on the creep-o side, BUT the fact that that thin orange plastic, a little duct tape, and some elbow grease kept those creepy peepers from making direct eye contact, was extremely comforting. We left, after a couple hours, a few apple juices and chocolate milks later, feeling full to the max, a little bit tired, and a lot a bit like the family of Eazers was OUR family. I really don't know why it had been such a long time in between stops at this restaurant. I do know that the food and the atmosphere was comforting, the whole experience, drunk or sober was somewhat nostalgic. It reminded me of what a great town I'm from. Little family run restaurants that have stood the test of time, in my partially run down city, makes this a place I want to be apart of forever. Even if brown eyed creepy crawlies are lurking on the opposite side of the booth.

I wanted to share our experience with you because you are one of the very few people(s) to openly share your passion for the good of the town, and the strength of the community. I'm on your side NEWK. I want good things to come to and from my town, and I want to help make the difference. I applaud you for the positive mark you are leaving. It's beyond inspiring.

Now when is your party? Me and my hot friends want on the VIP list.

-Born and Raised NEWKette.


Thanks so much Newkette!

Awesome write up and pictures!

But we are sad to inform you, that you probably don't know us.

We hid in dark corners in high school, and only talked
to teachers and other blog nerds.
(Even though blogs weren't invented yet.)

But Pizza Fest will still happen.

And our party planning is in the works.

Stay tuned, and keep those friends on standby.


Lucy said...

GYRO OMELETS are the best-est ever ever at Eazers!

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