Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best Of 2011 (Tuesday)

Normally at the end of the year, we list one of our favorite
posts of the year each day.

Not only does it remind you of big things from this past year, it
also allows us some much needed rest between holidays.

But we are going to start this year's list with a multi-post listing.

These were post the week of January 10th-14th.


Random Picture Monday (01-10-10)

It's not a UFO.

Although, that would be awesome.


Take A Look At This

Are the Winter Olympics being held in Fawn Twp?

These, and many other questions answered very soon.

Right here...

at theNewk.


Today is 1/11/11

We don't have anything cool to say about it.

Just thought we'd tell you.

Carry on.


Smoke On The Water, Fire In The Sky

So the last couple days, we've showed a picture
and a video about the mystery flame that is
terrorizing the imaginations of many a Newker.

We've received a few emails, photos, and have been reading
all about it on the facebook.

Here are some shots of it.

And the best of the bunch.
(Sent in from Top 10 Reader - Ed)

Here are some of the theories going around...

- The Olympics are being held in Fawn.
- It's a Jimi Hendrix tribute.
- A monument made for us, cause we beat Fire and Flames
on the hard setting playing Guitar Hero.
- A spot for shopping smokers to congregate.
- ALIENS!!!!
- World's Biggest Tiki Torch
- S'mores Station

Those are all great theories.

And we would believe any one of them, if we didn't
actually know the truth.

The fact is, it's a natural gas well flare.

It's a controlled burn used to release pressure and test the
volume of gas in the well.

And it can be seen for miles, and sounds like a freight
train when you're right up on it.

You can actually see the flame from the top of
Drey St.

And while on Drey, head on down the hill to see this
little beauty...

So anyways.

It's probably gonna be burning for a couple weeks, so you
can all just chill out.

There is one thing we'd like to ask the fine folks at the
Marcellus Shale Mine...

When the time has come to extinguish this beast of a
flame, we were hoping you'd allow us to snuff it out,
voted off the island Survivor style?

Get at us.


Flame Off

We have it on good authority that the Pittsburgh Mills
Mystery Flame has been put out.

It was just yesterday that we explained to our 13 readers
what the heck that thing was.

Now, it's gone.

All we have are the glowing memories embedded deep
inside of our imaginative brains.

So to honor this fleeting light.

We would like to recognize some of our other
favorite flames.

The flame of a Zippo lighter.

JFK's Eternal Flame

Rock Band: The Flaming Lips

Calgary Flames Great: Joe Nieuwendyk

Porn Star: Penny Flame

And of course, the Olympic Flame.

And last, but not least...

Our Old High School Flame

We still own that tux.


In closing...

We will miss you, Pittsburgh Mills Mystery Flame.

You lit up our world, if only for the briefest of moments.


Flamed Out

What a week, huh?

Yeah, we've been all hot and bothered around here, due
to the Pittsburgh Mills Mystery Flame.

We've been posting about it all week.

As if you didn't notice.

And to be honest, just like the flame...

We are burned out.


After the week we had, and partying it up at the Pig
last night with DJ Frankie, we don't have much
left in our collective tanks.


Go Pens.
Go Steelers.
Go Bananas.



Not a bad start, to a stellar year.

See ya tomorrow.


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