Thursday, December 8, 2011

For Sale

No, we aren't selling our little website here.

Unless you are offering?

If so, go ahead and send us an email to

Okay, back to business.

A little while back, we heard that the city was considering putting
the Public Works building up for sale.

You know, the big building across from Valley High that has the clock
that doesn't work.

Yep, that's the one.

Turns out, the building isn't what the city needs these days.

The two-story design isn't very efficient.

And there is a ton of land to go with it.

Just about 7 acres.

So the city will begin accepting proposals for the building and the land.

At which point, the city will build a nice one-story works building.

It almost sounds too easy.

And we hope it will be.

We also hope something cool will move into the current location.

Maybe the new Newk offices?

How about it, Mr. Mayor?

Can we get a good deal?


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