Thursday, December 15, 2011

Take Your Best Shot

The shot heard 'round Upper Burrell.

A few days ago, an Upper Burrell family had a frightening

When putting their son to bed, they noticed broken drywall and
stuff all over the floor.

This was very strange.

But what is even stranger yet, is the fact that they found a
bullet hole in the wall mere feet from where their son lays
his head down to sleep at night.

Turns out, an errand shot from a local hunter seems to have pierced
the wall of the child's bedroom, and left quite a bit of damage.

The state game commission doesn't have any leads yet, but the
continue to interview known hunters in that area.

We here at theNewk hope that the culprit is found, and forced to
take some shooting lessons, as well as eye tests.

He must have thought that house was a state record buck.


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