Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dine With The Mayor

We love events.

Especially those that include food.

And they are even better when you get to hang out with big wigs
like the mayor.

That is what is available for you this Friday evening.

Its the mayor's way of kicking off the holiday season.

And we dig it.

Here are the haps:

Mayor's Annual Christmas Dinner
Friday, December 2
5:30 pm following the lighting of the Christmas Tree
by the clock (corner of 9th and 4th)
Dinner @ #1 Firehall, 4th Avenue
Everyone Welcome....FREE!!!!

Sounds like a damn good time to us.

So put on a sweet Christmas sweater, and get down there.

Then go home, get some rest, and come cheer for us when we
roll past you in the parade on Saturday.

You can find the parade details in yesterday's post.


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