Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best Of 2011 (Wednesday)

Today, we go back to just after the Steelers lost in the Super Bowl
to the Packers.

It's not a memory we enjoy reliving.

But it was a seriously good post.


Super Bowl Wasn't So Super

So, just like most of you, we watched the Super Bowl
this past Sunday night.

Ours hopes for another championship were as high
as an eagle's ass.

We got together, shared beers and tons of yummy morsels.

We cheered.
We laughed.
We high-fived.
We ate.
We yelled at a pet bird that kept on chirping.

It was your quintessential Super Bowl party.

The only thing that was missing was a victory for our
beloved Steelers.

But we lost.

So be it.

We are a proud group, we Steeler fans.

No doubt, victory would have been celebrated with great
ferocity and complete joy.

But we lost.

So be it.

We lost with class.

We wouldn't trade these last two weeks for anything.

It was like the holidays all over again around here.

People smiled a little easier.

We shared a common goal.

And for that, we are thankful.

So, without further ado, here is our take on the Super Bowl.

It started out with a Pittsburgh native effing up our
national anthem.

(The majority of us here would likely still schtoop her, if given
the chance.)

We then got scored on a bunch, and things looked bleak.

Then the Black Eyed Peas to the stage at halftime, and
things got even bleaker.


If you didn't already know, we loathe the Black Eyed Peas.

They stunk up the stage.

They only thing that could have saved the performance, would
have been a wardrobe malfunction, where the Chavez one
tore the breastplate off that Fergie dude.

We could seriously go on for days, but we'll spare you.

Until next week, when we're sure they'll do another performance
for something, cause they don't seem to turn down any gig
where they can make a buck, and dress like a-holes.

If Roger Goodell wasn't such a hardon, he would have booked
our man Keenan Cahill to rock the joint.

Editor's Note:
If you didn't watch that video, go back and do it now.

The Steelers started to play better.

We started getting our hopes up.

Then the best commercial of the night hit...

Our lives were changed forever.

That kid is epic.

So the game continued, and the Miller Lites kept on flowing.

We came close to having the biggest comeback victory in SB
history, but we all know it wasn't meant to be.

The game ended.

We packed up some leftovers.

Then went home, and swore off Sportscenter for at least
the next 8 days.

Even karaoke couldn't take away the pain we were
going through.

All in all, a memorable night with friends.

Nothing like your team being in the Super Bowl.

We'll take it every year.


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