Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Streets Were Packed

This past Saturday was the New Kensington Christmas Parade.

And it was a huge success.

There were people everywhere.

Mostly wide-eyed children, waiting for bag loads
of candy to be thrown their way.

We've done this parade for the last 3 years, and have attended countless
parades previous to this one.

And we were blown away.

Not only by the huge crowds, but by the number of people that
yelled things at us, such as...

"I follow you guys on Twitter!"
"Can I have your golf cart?"
"We love your site!"
"Where is Frank the Stank?"
"Keep up the great work!"
"Hey pal, your fly is open."

We would like to thank all of you that expressed your support our way.

Also, the hundreds, if not thousands, of smiling people that brought
so much holiday spirit to our fine town.

It was a shining moment.

And we were once again proud to be from New Kensington.

To the folks that put everything together this year, including the mayor,
the coordinators, the police, fire departments, and all the participants.

Thank you!

Now, we had many people say nice things to us, but one particular
couple made a true impact in our experience...

Top Ten Reader Ed and his wife.

Handmade signs, great smiles, I <3 Biff shirt, antlers.

Thank you both so very much for the support.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy Newk year to the both of you!

Here are a few other pictures we snapped that day...

Folks cutting through to get a prime spot on Fifth.

The pre-parade lineup on Barnes.

A huge slice of pizza.

And the star of every parade...

No, its not Santa...

Its the North Pole's Biggest Elf!

Yeah, those are dog biscuits he is hold, as we take care of the 4-legged
parade goers as well.

Another shot of NPBE, as well as our sweet wheels.

Speaking of our sweet wheels, a double huge thanks to our fine
friends at Gatto's Cycle in Tarentum.

Thinking of a late stocking stuffer for dad?

How about a new Harley Softail?

Gatto's has all your last minute gift ideas!

Maybe some apparel is more in your budget?

Cause they have a ton of that too.

Check em out HERE.


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