Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Where The Candy At?

Out of all the friendly faces we saw at the parade on Saturday,
one of those belonged to Frank the Stank.

Truth is, we have no idea what he looks like.

So it wasn't until last night that we knew he was even there.

Epic Frank email coming down in 3... 2... 1...


Whats poppin newk dudes. yo i seen you at the parade on saturrday. those was some hot azz wheels yall was ridin dirty in. them flames was hurtin my eye ballz. but when i wuz watchin down the ave i saw you chuckin candy at the kids. but when yall got to my corner you didnt toss no candy my way. i was like. where the candy at. but i felt better when you yelled merry chrismas at me and slung a milkbone at a dog across the street. yall do it right. ps. that elf is big as **it.

frank the stank


It is true.

We ran out of candy.

But, we had plenty of dog treats left.


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