Friday, January 13, 2012

Bad News Booze

First off... happy Friday the 13th.

Okay,enough of that.

Down to business...

We received some terrible news yesterday.

No, we're not losing our jobs or anything.

But this is equally as life changing.

And if you haven't heard already, be sure you are sitting down...

The price of alcohol is going up.


We know.

It's horrible.

Take a moment to catch your breath.

Is your liver still with us?

Yeah, starting next month, some bottles will jump in price anywhere
from 20 cents to $5.

Like Vladimir.

Jumping two dimes to $7.59 for a liter.

Not bad, for you lower shelf sippers.

But for folks with finer tastes, things are jumping a bit higher.

Like Jameson.

Jumping 5-clips to $44.99 a bottle.

Some increases aren't so bad.

But when we heard that boxes of our beloved Franzia will be taking
a bigger chunk out of our pockets, we almost rioted.

Hopefully this doesn't effect our weekly Tour de Franzia.


Be careful in that snow and cold today and this weekend.

Nic is worried about all of you.


Godspeed, Gary.


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