Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yeah, We're A-Listers Now

After our stint on the front page of the VND, we are now a
good bit more popular than we were a week ago.

If that is even possible?

So it comes as no surprise that we got invited to a taste-testing
of Ron Jeremy's new rum tonight @ Executive Cigars in Pgh.

It is hosted by our good friends at

These guys cover everything from rum to beer.

Maybe those things really aren't that far apart?

Truthfully, they cover all kinds of stuff.

If you like us, you will like them.

So check em out, eh?

Anywho, we are gonna try and make it out tonight for the taste testing.

If you don't have anything amazing going on, maybe you should join us?

Here are the deets:

We will be hosting a rum tasting at Executive Cigars (630 Suismon St. Pittsburgh, PA) Thursday, January 12th (8:30-10pm). Come and try Ron Jeremy's new line of rum at no charge! Cigars purchased during the event hours will be 15% off! Photos from the event will be in the review article of Ron de Jeremy - The Adult Rum.

You remember us talking about the Hedgehog's new rum, right?

Nearly a year ago.

Here is the LINK.

Join us tonight.

It should be a hoot.


Just in case you care.

As we wrote today's post, we were entranced by one of our favorite
women on this planet, Yvonne Strahovski.

Sorry if we drifted off at any point during it.

We just can't help ourselves.

Hubba hubba.


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