Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We Heart Beer

Today is a big day.

Like, a really BIG DAY.

It isn't a day many of you were aware of.

Truthfully, we weren't aware of it all that long ago.

But, January 24th will forever hold a special place in the cockles
of our collective hearts (and bellies).

Because today is Beer Can Appreciation Day.
Yep, 77 years ago today, the first beer in a can was ever sold.

That day the world changed.

Not only are beers cans fun to stomp on once they have been emptied.
(Our personal favorite post-beer activity.)

They offer many other great traits, such as...

- Fully eliminates damage due to light and ingressed oxygen.
- Lightweight- reduces carbon footprint of shipping beer.
- Portable and unbreakable – Cans go where glass can’t.
- Recyclable – Cans are easier and more frequently recycled.

So what better way to celebrate, than to crack a "couple" 12-ouncers
this evening at your favorite pub right here in the birthplace
of aluminum?

That is what we plan on doing.

And here is a hint on where we'll likely end up tonight:

The swine can't see.

Just look for our whip out front...


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