Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wanna Play?

Being that we are internet gods, it is part of our godly
duties to pay attention to trends and new ideas.

One new thing we've discovered is a great new social game.
No, not the Tour de Franzia.

This one is called "The Phone Stack."

It helps end one of the worst new social trends in the world.

No, not Fart Huffing.

It helps put an end to people constantly talking/typing/twittering
while at dinner or drinks with friends.

Here is how the game works.

Step 1: Everyone at the table orders.
2: All phones are stacked (face down) on the table.
3: First person to crack and check their phone is the loser.
4: The loser gets to pay the bill/tab.
5: If nobody cracks, everyone pays their own share as usual.

You could even do it at home with your family.

Loser does dishes?

Hell, just mentioning the game when out with people, might be
enough to get your point across?

Either way, this game needed to be taught to our Newk brethren.

Take this information and do what you will with it.


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