Friday, January 27, 2012

More Beer Talk

We talk a lot about beer around here.

Usually we speak of delicious Ales, IPAs, Pilsners, Stouts, Lagers and how
many we tried to consume in one sitting.

Generally that number is rather impressive.

Speaking of which, here is a picture from Tuesday night (Beer Can
Appreciation Day) at the Blind Pig.

We made ourselves proud that night.

But the beer we are talking about today is an entirely different brew.

This is Birch Beer.
Similar to Root Beer.

Why the hell are we talking about Birch Beer?

Because, one of the top lines of Birch Beer in the world will be
produced right here in the Newk.

Local company Castle Co-Packers, LLC (Castle), will be the
newest production and supply partner for Boylan Bottling Company (Boylan).

These "super premium sodas" served in 12 ounce glass bottles are
quite popular, and demand along the East Coast is growing.

We consider this big news around here.

And we assume the local paper will pick up on this sometime soon.

Maybe after they read about it here?

Let's see...


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