Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Once Again We Lead The Pack

A week ago, a reader of ours sent us an email and a link to
their video about the intersection at Taco Bell and BP.

To be honest, he sent the video a good while before last week,
but we had some end of the year things to post before 2012.

We posted it a week ago today.

The day after, we told you about a bad accident at that very intersection.

Then yesterday, we saw a piece on this on the 5 o'clock news on
channel 11.

Here are some top notch pictures we took from our couch...

At the end of the news story, they claimed more info will be available
in our local new paper on Tuesday.

Not only did we help break this story, we did it 7 days before
WPXI News, and the vnd.

This doesn't come as a surprise to us, as we've noticed many times
in the past that people scour our site for local news.

We aren't mad about it.

Hell, we are quite proud of it.

Now, it is very possible (or even likely), that the gentleman that sent
us the email also sent those news outlets the same email.

But the hits the video likely received the days following our post
may have had something to do with the others picking it up.


We only watch the news to see Darieth Chisolm.

Hubba hubba.


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