Thursday, March 22, 2012

Big Day Today

Not sure if you knew it or not, but today is
International Goof-Off Day.

This is our 12th favorite holiday.

Right between Cinco de Mayo, and Tax Day.

For those keeping track...

11. Tax Day
12. International Goof-Off Day
13. Cinco de Mayo

See, something about goofing-off makes us happy.

Sure, we could be using our time for much more important endeavors.

But only old people do that.

And we are in our mid-30's.

Far away from "old."

Unless you are a teenager.

Then we're old farts.

But guess what, you little wise-ass teenager...

The only thing you are likely good at these days is goofing-off.

Well that, and another type of ****ing off.

But you are much too young to admit to that, yet.

Go ahead, everyone.


You deserve it.


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