Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring A Song

Yesterday was the first day of Summer.

And it was as hot as any Summer we remember.

Wait... what?

It was the first day of Spring?

Good lord!

So you mean to tell us that temperatures near the 80's are to be
expected in mid March for the rest of our lives?

"Oh, hey."

Well, it seems that the inventor of the internet knew what the
hell he was talking about.


And before he coins another phrase, we are taking "Sprummer."

That's right, Happy Sprummer!

Like seriously, in was/is hot.

And the bald members of this website have the rosy-red heads
to prove it.

As you read this, the temperature outside of your cubicle ridden
building is rising.

Rising like our underoos, while we squint at scrambled Cinemax
on the Zenith in our
parent's game room.

"Yep... that was a nipple, I just know it."

To wrap things up.

Be careful out there.

And be sure to hydrate.

Not only with water, but with lotion.

Lots and lots of lotion.


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