Friday, March 2, 2012

What The Dilly?

Very few people can sum up the questions that a collective group
of people may have about a subject.

There are many questions unanswered about what happened
to the man that disappeared last week and turned up at a
Pittsburgh hospital.

No doubt, it's a sensitive subject.

But many of us took worrying about Chad very seriously.

And in some strange way, we feel as though we "deserve" the full story.

Obviously, it's none of our damn business.

But it's hard to just stop caring about something/someone that
you put forth an effort to worry about.

Most people don't say anything.

But there are a few folks out there with the uncanny ability to express
in writing the thoughts and concerns of their fellow man.

Frank the Stank, is one of those people.

Here is his latest treasure sent to our gmail account...

What up newk dudes. this is frank the stank and i wanted to kno if there was more to da story about that kid gone missin. i was lookin all over constiution for that dude since yall said sumpthin. i was lookin for the black whip you said he was drivin. i didnt see nuthin with him in it. and i was worried yo. i told my boys to keep a look out. then you say he shows up at a hospitol yesterday. i also heard he gave a wrong name and the cops cant be tellin his story cause he 19 and theres a law about that. what the dilly. i wanna know what happened to this guy. why he just roll like that. just took some money and his laptops and left for a week. im glad they found him but i need to know what up. if yall here sumpthin you best email or text me. heres my digits to my cricket celly 724-881-****. hit me up.

peace- Frank the stank

We're sure that many of you have the same (okay... similar) questions as

We also are quite curious as to what happened.

But by no means, are we more interested in the story, as we are
in the safety of this young man.

Welcome home, Chad.

We are pulling for everything to work out in your world.

Whatever that may be.


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