Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Throwing Trash Money In The Garbage

City council has decided that it is better to write-off $75,000
in delinquent garbage fees, than to chase after it.

The city is owed tons of bank in unpaid bills.

Mostly from tenants that lived in the city a short while, then grabbed
everything they didn't throw out, and scadattled.

And those folks are tough to track down.

The cash it would cost to find them and actually make them pay,
would likely cost the city more in the long run.

They even posted the names of the highest owing 32 people, in the
local paper a few years back.

Only a couple of those folks paid up.

The city has a new plan on how to get people to stay current.

We would list those, but you aren't interested.

And we'd much rather post a picture of Men At Work.

You know... the same picture we post every time we talk about garbage...

In short...

Pay your damn bills, people.

Having to walk your trash can out to the curb is not a privilege.
It is not free.
It is picked up by hard working people.
And it usually stinks of dirty diapers and Gunny's wing bones.

So put a lid on it.


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