Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We're Taking A Stand On This Issue

It's come to this...

We are deciding to pick a side in what seems to be the biggest
story in a long time.

It's official:

We are against the new IOC rule that allows women beach volleyball
players to wear more than just their classic teeny bikini.

We're outraged!

This is tragic news.

Not only are bikinis tradition (they've been worn since the sport was
introduced to the Olympics in 1996), they are sexy.

Q: What happens when hot and sweaty women dive in the sand?

A: We don't consider changing the channel. Ever.

They claim that allowing women to wear sleeved shirts and shorts (no
lower than 1.18 inches above the knee) will allow women from
other countries to participate.

That's all well and good.

We are all for allowing everyone an opportunity for Olympic glory.

But seeing those Brazilian booties in what seem to be a shrunken version
of the bottoms that the rest of the ladies wear, is the highlight of every
fourth summer for us.

Whose with us?


Did you think we were going to take a stance on the religious monument?

If so, you were wrong.

We are getting a kick out of how wound up people are getting over this.

Someone even planned a rally for today, but we hear the district asked
them to postpone it.

We think that's a good idea.

Well done, NKASD.


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