Friday, March 9, 2012

Text Me (Texting Ban)

Yesterday was the first day of the new Pa Texting Ban.

Knowing that texting behind the wheel was dangerous, didn't
always mean that we chose to wait for a traffic light to send one.

I mean c'mon...

We are just too popular not to be in constant contact
with all of the people we know.

How would they live without hearing from us at
least once every
thirty minutes?

It's not possible.

Or is it?

We will soon find out.

Not because we want to, but because "it's the LAW!"

We hear the fine is around $50.

But how can the police prove you were texting?

We don't believe they can confiscate your phone and read
your messages without a warrant.

But what they can do, is write the citation, and force you to fight it in
court, which will likely cost most than a fifty spot.

S0 it is a good idea to put your phone down when you drive.

Not only to save yourself some money...

but because it's seriously dangerous, and we don't feel like having
you wreck into us on Tarentum Bridge, because you got a text about
your big plans to rent a movie and grab a Little Ceasar's $5 hot-n-ready.

Fact is: You aren't that popular.

Accept it, and move forward.

Have a great weekend!


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