Thursday, March 15, 2012

Water Ain't Cheap

Arnold residents are likely shutting of the water a little
quicker these days.

Not because there is a water conservation act happening.

Although conserving water is always a good idea.

It's because Arnold has changed the way they charge for water/sewage
and garbage.

They are charging residents a flat fee of $22 a month.

Not bad, in our opinion.

Now, instead of an annual fee of $800 for water, they are charging you
so much for the first 750 gallons, then more for each additional 750.

They claim it will lower the cost by about $128 a year.

Not bad.

Lucky for us, our offices aren't in L.A. (Lower Arnold).

Because we use the water like crazy.

Everything from our ramen noodle obsession, to our need to
shower when we break even the smallest of sweats.

And with the shape we're in, the showers come often and early.

We hope the new pay scale is beneficial for most of you.

In fact, they claim 80% of residents will pay the minimum.

With numbers like that, it kinda makes you wonder what they did with
all the extra money before?


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