Thursday, June 11, 2009


It seems that an unspecified soot is raining down on
the town known as Springdale.

People noticed the dirt on their vehicles and their homes.
(I also noticed something 2 weeks ago on my Glen's Custard chocolate cone,
that didn't look like any sprinkle I've ever seen.)

It took me 2 seconds to realize I was going to eat that cone, even if
a goose dropped a fly-by sky deuce on it. So I forewent the drawn out
task of using my Popeil forensics kit that would have been required for a refund.

So back to the real story...

Samples were collected and taken to the local soot factory
to see if it were theirs.

It wasn't theirs. If you can believe it.

It was then thought that the power plant might be responsible.

They agreed to get the unknown substance tested to see if they
were be the ones to bitch at.

The plant also said it could be ash from the weekend restart of the facility.
Which they said has happened in the past.

Fear not, friends. The Allegheny Health Department is on top of it.

"This is soot that, while it is a nuisance, doesn't pose any long-term public health issues," Zazac (AHD spokesman) said.

We've always wanted to meet the real Erin Brockovich.


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